Wednesday, February 22, 2006

There is no reason why I should receive a catalogue of babes in bikinis. But for the last few months, I have. Printed on less than grade A glossy paper, are page after page of young women in revealing bathing suits, sportswear, even a dress or two, all with low-cut necklines, each outfit designed to showcase the model's boob job. These women are young, lithe, sun-tanned, long-legged, wear size 4 on the bottom and must need at least a twelve on top to present themselves in public legally.
See, I don't get this. I have yet to meet a man who has admitted to preferring big fake breasts, over the old-fashioned flesh variety. Maybe plastic surgeons are the silent partners in various swimsuit enterprises.The breasts on these models all look exactly alike! They are round, large, and have a good three inch spread between them, even when the model is obviously dressed in a garment that pushes them up, and tries but fails to push them together. Are these carbon copy chests required equipment for these modeling gigs?
I haven't done much research. I don't know, for instance, what, if indeed any, effect they have on breast-feeding. Does the milk get a saline flavor?  What happens to them in ten or fifteen years? What happens if a woman wearing these breasts gains a lot of weight? Anything? A while ago I saw a beach brochure with different models, same chests, except that one teenaged brunette had before and after pictures. She had the distinction of being on both the front and back cover of this tourist-trapping bit of photojournalism. On the front cover she wore a yellow bikini barely covering breasts obviously designed by the same plastic guy who'd enhanced all the other girls, and on the back cover she wore a bright orange bikini that showed off her slender figure, and yes, you got it, her original, not terribly round or bouncy but certainly real looking size 34 B's. I wonder if anyone else noticed? Just me? Okay. I'll move on. Fixations, eh?

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