Monday, December 13, 2010

In My Dad's Karmann Ghia

Two days before Christmas, Dad said with aplomb,
"Tomorrow night we'll go out for some holiday charm
for your too busy Mom, so she won't have to cook."
(All week she’d been wearing that crazed-lady look.)
But that morning angels started a huge pillow fight,
a blizzard that blew all day and all night.
For the first time I felt that snow was a blow,
but Dad, brave Dad, said, “Dress warm, we’ll still go.
In the Ghia we’ll do it, if we all can fit in it.”
I sat on one brother,
the others sat on each other.
We sang carols and laughed
And just about crashed.
We slid, spun, and yowled
on roads barely plowed,
but we made it and Dad said it
would be a night to remember
for each family member.
Once again, he was right.
We still talk of that night.

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