Sunday, January 09, 2011


Wayne was making a ham sandwich
when Mae set her sizable self at the table.
I’d like one, too, Mae said.
Why, sure baby.  We can eat and talk.
I don’t like to talk. It gives me stress-
you know I’m depressed. Family curse.
But hon, did you know our son got him a gun?
He told me. He can.  He’s a full-grown man.
That may be Mae, but it’s long been plain
our boy’s insane.
Why say that Wayne? Damn.  You drag me down.
Dwayne's just fine; he’s high-strung that's all.
Let him be and you’ll see
that he’ll be okay with that gun.
Same as anyone. Is my sandwich done?

1 comment:

Karen said...

Very clever! And I thought I'de say never... to a gun in the house.

Never say never.