Monday, March 07, 2011

Nonnie's Bothered, Drago Gets Hair

Mike Huckabee is obviously a stupid-head.  Last week he called Natalie Portman a starlet! If it had been a big news week, I might have missed this egregious error, but not much else has been going on lately, that I’ve noticed, anyway. Natalie won the Academy Award for Best Actress!  Just last weekend!  Jeesh-politician no-nothings.
 A starlet is:
starlet [ˈstɑːlɪt]
1. (Performing Arts) a young and inexperienced actress who is projected as a potential star

2. (Astronomy) a small star

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

Everyone’s entitled to a mistake or two, within reason, but if Tea Drinker Huckabee needs to air his opinions on Ms. Portman’s pregnancy, he could at least get her status straight. She’s an A-list actor, not a “potential,” but a “made it.”

People keep asking my brother Drago how he got his hair. Turns out, he’d never lost it.  He just thought he had.  Ten or eleven years ago he started shaving his head because he didn’t like the gray that was coming in (or something.) Last November Drago liked our other brother Leon’s haircut so much he decided to see if he could get one. So he stopped shaving his head and he went from bald to haired, just like that!  (Well, “hairy” isn’t the word I want either.  Drago has not become hairy.) Our housekeeper Lydia calls him Adonis, which makes him blush. (He does all that Yoga, too, you know.)

Not much going on in my life.  Finally got the tests my doctor wanted for my breasts and bones. Oh, yeah. I’m reading a novel by a friend of mine, Russell Bittner, that has a lot  of sex. I’ve known Russell mostly as a poet and although his poetry is often sensuous, I had no idea what I was getting into-bedtime reading-wise with his prose.  Good writing, mind you-none of that throbbing, gushing, or taking; his love-making scenes are explicit and er...engaging, yet poetic. Ima gonna tell him that he should have made at least one of the protagonists a vampire, or a virtual reality-come to-life type, or a serial-killer profiler!  He would have made millions by now, easy.  Of course, he can always do another one.  Easy, right?


Managan said...

I'm going to have to read Russel's book. What's the name of it?

Chris Bartholomew said...

Great read, I love your blog.

Martin heavisides said...

Just looked in, not because of the $1 offer (if you feel like it, you can give mine to charity) but because that nudged me to look down on the thread to where this link was posted. The site looks good. I'd tend to lean to more vulgar expressions than stupidhead.

Karen said...

Yes, stupidhead doesn't cut it. Please.. powers of the universe.. do not give this man a bigger platform. *sigh*

Always wondered why he shaved off his hair, which was glorious! Good for Drago.