Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Dice are Not to Blame

Ted swam far from shore with a bar of lead.
He loved it, you see, until he drowned dead.
Mick had a trick of giving his money
to heartless bosoms that called him honey.
Sharon kept caring for drinkers and dopers
gamblers and cheaters and whiners and mopers.
Benny saw double and never could tell
which one had substance and which was a shell.
Mick, Benny, Sharon, and poor dead Ted
had luck that sucked they frequently said.
I didn’t agree and suggested instead
that they didn’t have to sink; they could listen to me,
and let go of their lead when they swim in the sea.


david coyote said...

I like this one, Cuz - did the first time I read it - it hasn't lost a once of zing with each reading.

Marie Fitzpatrick said...

I love this, it's a great satirical piece of work:).

Anonymous said...

i love it too but somewhere is a place where lead floats