Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer and Money


If you had a lot of money in the bank,
you could buy a car that cools the seats
before you get in-- so your
thighs won't stick.
Hell yes, it’s true.
I saw it on T.V.

You wouldn’t have to rush around,
wilted, hold out for the weekend—
& its beer, big gulps, plastic chairs
on the patio, time off in the sun,
ultra violets or no ultra violets--
bake until done.

If you had a lot of money in the bank,
you could hire a cook who would toss
a cool green salad for you or dish up
coconut shrimp anytime you wanted.
You’d laze on your terrace, snack
on onion dip or paté de fois gras with chips.

You wouldn’t pull weeds, mulch,
pick Japanese beetles off your roses,
wonder if you had the right ph in your soil-
your gardener would do that 
and mow the lawn to boot.

If you had a lot of money in the bank,
you could have a place on the beach, or on a lake!
When you felt like a swim, Bob’s your uncle,
there’d you’d be, good to go. In a unisex
pareo you could sip frozen daiquiris.
Any kind your heart desired. Mango for God’s sake!

You’d accessorize, even guys.
Getting dressed might mean getting dressed.
Money will keep you running
whether you’ve got it or not. Funny, that.


Lord Stompy said...

I must say that I've made alot of money which I've happily spent ruining my health over the years. Now I'm going to use money to try and fix up the damage that money's done to me....
Good thing I got the $ to do that...

david coyote said...

Ah, a well-heeled summer poem. Tasty, too. Reminds me to be grateful, living in the cool pacific coast breezes and not baking in oven high mid-west heat.

Money money money ... ah yes.
Never had a lot of the stuff, yet usually enough.

Can't remember who wrote that song.

Karen said...

..and oh, so true.

John C. Mannone said...

Cool poem!

Wendus said...

How funny because yesterday in a local shop I saw some paper napkins, for a buffet the pack said, in the design of pound notes.

I really was tempted but now I've read this, and like the deckchair, will go and buy some.

Good excuse for a buffet!

Lovely poem.