Monday, August 15, 2011



Let’s hear it for children who can’t make the grade,
men who do yoga and don't part their hair,
long flowery skirts, soft voices, sad smiles,
muddlers, ditherers, timid types who won’t pounce,
old poems, people, houses, and shops,
misfits, crazies, loose women, short men.

Let’s ease up on the plump, the pimpled, the silly, 
the worn-out, the defeated, the below average thinkers,
plodders, shufflers, stooges, and tinkers.

Though some of us triumph, remain certain, look good,
 I humbly submit-most would if we could.


Karen said...

LOVE this!!!!....

Martinheavisides said...

Above average.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yoga,a lot.No part.But i wish i knew my mind like this and knew the way the words worked to let it speak in such a way

Roger said...

like the thought--Peter parts his hair...just saying

Dixie said...

Hope your trip home from Montreat was easy and interesting. Love your poems and the picture of you when shiny. Take care.