Sunday, September 04, 2011


you’ve been in place,
just beyond reach 
since first memory-
my advocate, my judge.

Unlike Mr.Gray’s monstrous portrait,
you grew with me to womanhood
then stayed young, vigorous, unsullied.
Your arm beyond my arm rests along the couch.

When I move on,
you come quietly behind me
but will not take the lead.
Bright path or tunnel?
The choice never defaults to you.

I’ve tapped malevolent shoulders,
taken the candy, trusted the fox,
and you've stepped away
to a safer, frowning distance.

You’ve triumphed, cried,
laughed, made love,
courted heartbreak,
through me and in gentler tones.

When all I can do is lie gasping, you revive me with cool grace,
until I’m able to catch my breath and resume the dance.

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