Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Enough, Trump.

We've had it my dear with your pink ties, your hairs, 
your swagger, towers, your plenty of monies,
your tempers, your honeys. How dared you propose 
that you lead in our name? Are you smart, fair, or fine? 
Do you even have time?

I don't speak for all, not at all, but for many who never 
did like your style or bile, your tenacious temerity,
your specious celebrity. I wonder, I do, who could help
you see through your haze, your self-blinded daze.
Have you read any poets, I wonder?

Some dignity, perhaps? Is it there, under-wraps?
Still...some listen to you. It must be your cash. 
I do hope you know that the time you steal bothers 
me, my brothers, and millions of others. 
Would you just go?


Martin heavisides said...

Don't beat around the bush, Nonnie--do you like the guy or don't you?
Just kidding. Like the Dr Seuss reference at the end--you know he rewrote Marvin K. Mooney for Art Buchwald to use in his column, substituting Richard M. Nixon?
Anyway, short of Trump attracting zero notice, which is perhaps too much to hope for, a solidly derisive approach is welcome.

Karen said...

LOL.. LOVE this. Right on.