Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fred and Ginger, Just Because I Love Them

Alice Turns Adam Down

"So, you see, you are simply the wrong partner
for this part of the dance. I'd thought 
someone in a blue shirt, with a side part 
in his blond hair, and your hair is red. 
So even if you changed your shirt to a blue,  
I wouldn't, simply couldn't, choose you.

Dance with someone else, why don't you?
You could dance with the woman over there 
wearing that very long string of pearls.
Or how about that woman in the long red dress. 
Do you like long dresses? Or someone else?

Oh. You often wear blue shirts, do you? 
You don't care for long dresses or pearls? 
You like my green eyes and so choose me? 
But that doesn't matter, to me, you see. 
You are simply the wrong partner for this part of the dance."


david coyote said...

Hi Cuz,

Last night I dug through Pamela's old collection of dance
DVDs - found "Shall We Dance", and watched Fred & Ginger
spin the world spectacularly. They were simply the best
partners for that part of the dance!

I really like Alice! Really! You spin my poetic world.

And I always go away having enjoyed my visit.


Karen said...

Isn't it always the way.....